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Sascha Hoffmann headshotBack2MarketingSchool is a marketing blog by Sascha Hoffmann, a Lifecycle Marketing Consultant with over 8 years of digital marketing experience in Silicon Valley, the UK, and Germany. The main focus of Sascha is SEO, paid media, and marketing automation – all with a focus on generating leads and revenue.

About Sascha Hoffmann at Back2MarketingSchool

I’m originally from Germany, but I ventured to the US to complete a Master’s in International Marketing in San Francisco. After graduating, I worked my way up in a Silicon Valley startup to eventually lead the demand generation and lifecycle marketing efforts. The demand generation was a big driver in breaking through the 100 Million annual revenue mark.

Today, I’m an independent marketing consultant and website portfolio owner – I want to have skin in the game and practice what I preach.

Sascha Hoffmann’s marketing expertise

In a nutshell:

  • 8+ years of digital marketing experience
  • Lived, worked, and supported clients in 3 continents and many countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, and Thailand.
  • 3+ years independent Lifecycle Marketing Consultant

Don’t just take my word, see some credentials and what others say:

Lidia-Vijga-testimonialLidia Vjiga, Co-Founder of DeckLinks and blogger at BYVI:

“Sascha is an SEO hero.”

jennifer park testimonialJennifer Park, Chief Editor at AmerinoteXchange 

“Sascha recovered and stabilized our SEO after a 1.5 year Google-Update hit, and continues to fill our pipeline with high-quality PPC submissions.”

Achieved OMT expert status – well-established German marketing publication

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Need marketing help from Sascha Hoffmann?

If you need help with your marketing, feel free to reach out via my freelancer website: Scuba-Marketing or shoot me an email at sascha@scuba-marketing.com

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Mission and Vision of Back2MarketingSchool

At Back2MarketingSchool and Scuba-Marketing, I’m on a mission to revolutionize marketing by showing businesses that marketing success isn’t just about vanity metrics – it’s about tying every marketing effort to tangible revenue growth. My commitment extends to businesses of all sizes, from small and local businesses to B2B giants. 

This marketing blog is here to guide you through every stage of the customer lifecycle, ensuring your marketing strategies align with real business results. I’m on a mission to make marketing matter, and together, we’ll drive your business’s success and revenue growth.

What You’ll Find on Back2MarketingSchool

You will find hands-on experience, actionable how-tos, and tested insights. All products and recommendations have been tested. 

I will cover topics from SEO and paid media, over marketing analytics and ABM, to marketing automation.

Personal life of Sascha Hoffmann

sascha hoffmann privateI also have a personal life beyond marketing. I’m a travel enthusiast and usually pick destinations where I can explore the underwater world while scuba diving. Likewise, I’m always up for a pick-up soccer game or watch some live sports.

Some other hobbies include snowboarding, motorbikes, photography and the usual handing out with friends.

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