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This blog is a side project from me – Sascha. I’m a full-time marketing consultant with 7+ years of experience in the digital marketing world. My main focus is the so-called Lifecycle Marketing. It essentially means that marketing has touchpoints at every stage of the customer journey: attracting them to the website, building relationships, converting the visitor to a lead, nurturing the lead until she becomes a customer, and later on an advocate for your brand.

All these touchpoints require SEO, Content Marketing, Performance Marketing, Email Marketing & Automation, as well as data to constantly improve. With B2MS I want to share my knowledge and experiences and help as many marketers and business owners as possible.

Our mission is to
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Calculate and forecast your Cost-per-Acquisition and Cost-per-Lead.

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Return on Ad Spend. Compare and mange paid media campaigns.

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Website conversion rate calculator. Coming soon.

Google Ads Optimization

10 Google Ads Optimization Tips

Google Ads can be created and optimized at different levels. I look at optimization in the time horizon (short, mid, and long-term) although all optimizations have long-term valid adjustments. It’s…