Facebook Ads Dayparting

Optimizing campaigns with Facebook ads dayparting

How to set up dayparting for Facebook ads? https://youtu.be/Ps8RH0sFtUo Dayparting needs to be adjusted in the ad set of your Facebook campaign and requires the setting of a lifetime budget. […]

How to allocate advertising budget

How to allocate advertising budget effectively

The question of the optimal distribution of the advertising budget occupies many marketers. Especially at the end and beginning of the year. First of all, it must be defined how […]

Ad Budget Calculation

Calculate your ad budget correctly

As a marketing consultant, I have to manage clients’ target expectations and budget planning for advertising campaigns all the time. Mostly, new businesses have a fundamental knowledge gap and false […]

What is virtual webinar marketing

Best Practices for Virtual Webinar Marketing

What is a virtual webinar? A virtual webinar is an online seminar that takes place live or recorded on the Internet. In order to participate in the online event, participants […]

Why are inbound marketing goals important

The importance of goal setting in inbound marketing

Why is goal setting important to inbound marketing? Creates alignment among your marketing, sales, and services teams Helps you measure the success of your inbound marketing efforts Gives you guard […]