what is point-of-sale pos marketing

Leveraging Point-of-Sale Marketing effectively

What is Point-of-Sale Marketing? (POS Marketing Definition) Point-of-sale marketing (short POS marketing) is a method of sales promotion in retail directly at the point of purchase. The goal is to […]

Shortage through Artificial scarcity

Making the most of artificial scarcity in marketing

What is artificial scarcity? (Definition) Artificial scarcity involves deliberately reducing supply, for example by limiting production, in order to generate higher demand. The goal is for demand for a product […]

Hotel marketing

Hotel marketing tips to welcome more guests

Did you know that according to a study by Statistica, the hotel website is the number one booking platform for babyboomers in the UK? Even 14% of UK’s millennials and […]

Cannibalization Marketing Effect

Cannibalization Marketing Effect Examples

What is the cannibalization marketing effect? The cannibalization effect in marketing refers to a negative spillover effect when promoting one product or service to another. The promoted product cannibalizes an […]

Buzz Marketing Examples and definition

Buzz Marketing Examples, Types, and Definition

What is Buzz Marketing? Buzz marketing is a sub-discipline of word-of-mouth marketing and has an interface with viral marketing. The goal of buzz marketing is to increase the awareness of […]

What is spillover effect in marketing

What is the Spillover Effect

Spillover Effect Definition The spillover effect occurs when seemingly unrelated events influence another. The spillover effect can have both positive and negative impacts. The effect occurs in economics, finance, construction, […]

What is outbound marketing vs inbound

What is Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a process of sending your product or service information to a specific target audience in order to generate leads. It is important to note that outbound marketing […]