B2B sales presentation engagement

Understanding B2B Sales Presentation Engagement

What is a B2B sales presentation? A B2B sales presentation is a pitch deck containing sales and marketing collateral to communicate the value of the company’s solution to the buyer. […]

DeckLinks Review

DeckLinks Sales Enablement & Experience Review

What is DeckLinks Sales Enablement & Experience Software? DeckLinks is a new sales enablement and sales experience tool that helps sellers to create a unique sales pitch experience. The main […]

What is outbound marketing vs inbound

What is Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a process of sending your product or service information to a specific target audience in order to generate leads. It is important to note that outbound marketing […]

Sales Development Representative SDR Marketing

Outbound & Inbound SDR Marketing done right

I’ve started my Marketing career as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). While I reported to Sales, I noticed that Sales Development needs to align more with Marketing than Sales in […]