Ad Budget Calculation

Calculate your ad budget correctly

As a marketing consultant, I have to manage clients’ target expectations and budget planning for advertising campaigns all the time. Mostly, new businesses have a fundamental knowledge gap and false […]

CPO Marketing Cost per order

Cost-Per-Order CPO Marketing

What is CPO Marketing? CPO means Cost Per Order and is a marketing metric that is frequently used in online retail and affiliate marketing. CPS – Cost Per Sale – […]

Ad Visibility vs Viewability explained

Ad Visibility and Ad Viewability

What is the difference between ad visibility and ad viewability? It’s not always easy to tell the difference between ad viewability and visibility. Many platforms even use the terms interchangeably. […]

Most important seo metrics to track

The Most Important SEO Metrics to Track

As an independent SEO consultant, I have the chance to gain many insights into SEO projects of various scales. Some questions, however, are always the same: How do you measure […]