How to give someone access to Google Tag Manager?

Adding someone to Google Tag Manager is very simple. It only requires 5 steps:

Important: You need administrator user rights to add users to Google Tag Manager.

  1. Sign in to Google Tag Manager (GTM) at
  2. Select your account by clicking on the blue name and navigating to the admin section, or directly select the settings icon in the account overview:
    How to give someone access to google tag managerIn the admin panel, you can either give someone access to the entire Google Tag Manager account or just a specific container tag within the account: Select User Management (either on account or container level):
    User Management in Google Tag Manager
  3. Select the plus icon and either add users or user groups
    add user to google tag manager
  4. Enter the email address of the user and select the account (or container) permissions: Administrator or User access to GTM
  5. Optional: You can also set specific container permissions when granting account permissions to a new Google Tag Manager user.
    grant container permissions in google tag manager

    Hit the blue invite button at the top to complete the action.

What are the different user roles in Google Tag Manager?

Administrator user permission: The admin role can create and modify containers within the Google Tag Manager account. Each GTM account can have multiple container tags within the account. The admin can also add, edit, or remove user permission on the account and container level.

User role access in Google Tag Manager: The user permission in Google Tag Manager allows someone to view basic account information. It’s important to note, that the user permission does not transfer to the container settings. The user permission needs to be adjusted manually for each container.

Set container permission in Google Tag Manager

The container permissions can be adjusted for every container within your Google Tag Manager account. In general, there are 4 access levels:

  • Read: Users can only view tags, triggers, and variables
  • Edit: Users can create workspaces and edit tags, triggers, and variables. But cannot modify user permissions or approve container updates.
  • Approve: Users can approve edits and create container versions.
  • Publish: Users can publish container versions.

How to edit user permissions in Google Tag Manager?

Navigate to the admin section within your Google Tag Manager account. You can view and edit user permissions at the account or container levels. Simply select User Management at the permission level you want to modify and click on the user or the 3 dots at the far right.

Edit user permission in google tag manager

Why should you use Google Tag Manager?

Using Google Tag Manager instead of individual tags on your site has many advantages. Here are the four most important reasons:

  1. You can work as a team by adding users to Google Tag Manager instead of making adjustments to the website.
  2. It helps with site speed optimization because you simply have less code on your website. You just need the GTM container tag.
  3. All tags are manageable in a single platform. You can modify, test, and debug changes in one single place without having to worry about crashing your website.
  4. You can implement advanced digital marketing and web analytics tracking. For example, you can measure link or button clicks in Google Analytics with the help of Google Tag Manager.