What is effective trade marketing?

Trade marketing definition: What is trade marketing? Trade marketing is a field of marketing that focuses on promoting products to companies that buy in bulk for resale. These companies are […]

SEO Pagination

Best practices for pagination in SEO

There are a lot of factors to consider when optimizing your website for search engines. One element that is often overlooked is pagination. When you break your content down into […]

what is point-of-sale pos marketing

Leveraging Point-of-Sale Marketing effectively

What is Point-of-Sale Marketing? (POS Marketing Definition) Point-of-sale marketing (short POS marketing) is a method of sales promotion in retail directly at the point of purchase. The goal is to […]

what is the Google Sandbox effect

What is the Google Sandbox Effect in SEO?

The so-called Google Sandbox effect is an unofficial status in SEO that describes new websites or articles that have not yet been fully understood, tested, and indexed by Google. Google […]

Complete LinkedIn industries list

Complete LinkedIn industry list in Campaign Manager

LinkedIn is the largest social network for business contacts. Businesses are divided into industries, which consist of main categories and subcategories. Currently (as of May 2022), there are a total […]

Shortage through Artificial scarcity

Making the most of artificial scarcity in marketing

What is artificial scarcity? (Definition) Artificial scarcity involves deliberately reducing supply, for example by limiting production, in order to generate higher demand. The goal is for demand for a product […]