SEO and SEA alignment and differences

The working relationship between SEO and SEA

SEO and SEA should not be two separate areas. On the contrary, both strongly complement each other and should be working together in the digital marketing mix. But before we […]

10 Google Ads Optimization tips

10 Google Ads Optimization Tips

Google Ads can be created and optimized at different levels. I look at optimization in the time horizon (short, mid, and long-term) although all optimizations have long-term valid adjustments. It’s […]

Ad Budget Calculation

Calculate your ad budget correctly

As a marketing consultant, I have to manage clients’ target expectations and budget planning for advertising campaigns all the time. Mostly, new businesses have a fundamental knowledge gap and false […]

CPO Marketing Cost per order

Cost-Per-Order CPO Marketing

What is CPO Marketing? CPO means Cost Per Order and is a marketing metric that is frequently used in online retail and affiliate marketing. CPS – Cost Per Sale – […]

Geotagging Marketing

Geotagging Marketing for Local Businesses

What is geotagging? Geotagging is the process of attaching geographic latitude and longitude coordinates in the metadata to media files. Often, geotags are added directly from a mobile device. Geotags […]