YouTube Video Google Ads Guide

How to run YouTube Video Ads

What are YouTube Video Ads? YouTube video ads are advertisements in video format at the beginning (pre-roll) or within a video (mid-roll). Some ads are skippable after a few seconds […]

google ads remarketing

How to set up Google Ads Remarketing

How does Google Ads remarketing work? You need to place the Google Ads remarketing pixel on your website. When someone visits your website and accepts cookies the remarketing tag will […]

improving google ads quality score

Improving Google Ads Quality Score

What is the Google Ads Quality Score? The Google Ads Quality Score is a score between 1 and 10 to indicate the quality of your keyword. The higher the score, […]

Negative Keywords Google Ads

How to add negative keywords in Google Ads

What is a negative keyword in Google Ads? Negative keywords are keywords you want to exclude from your campaign or ad group. They have the same match types as regular […]

Video SEO Tips

7 Tips To Enhance Your Videos For SEO

How does video boost SEO results? To fully understand how video may boost your organic page ranking, it helps first to know what SEO is. Search engine optimization aims to […]

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing How To

How to Do Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest

Most affiliate marketers use websites, blogs, YouTube channels, or TikTok to promote their offerings. Often overlooked – or just a tiny piece in your puzzle is Pinterest. Pinterest can be […]