Negative Keywords Google Ads

How to add negative keywords in Google Ads

What is a negative keyword in Google Ads? Negative keywords are keywords you want to exclude from your campaign or ad group. They have the same match types as regular […]

Duplicate Google Ads Campaigns

How to duplicate a campaign in Google Ads

Duplicating a campaign in Google Ads Requirements: You need user permission to create campaigns as a Standard or Admin user. The easiest way to duplicate a campaign is by copying […]

How to create a call-only ad in Google Ads

How to create call-only ads in Google Ads

What are call-only ads in Google Ads? Call-only ads are a great way to get more calls to your business. Instead of appearing in the search results with a text-based […]

Facebook Ads Dayparting

Optimizing campaigns with Facebook ads dayparting

How to set up dayparting for Facebook ads? Dayparting needs to be adjusted in the ad set of your Facebook campaign and requires the setting of a lifetime budget. […]

Complete LinkedIn industries list

Complete LinkedIn industry list in Campaign Manager

LinkedIn is the largest social network for business contacts. Businesses are divided into industries, which consist of main categories and subcategories. Currently (as of May 2022), there are a total […]