The best social media for professional growth

Why you should use a social media for professional growth

In order to expand your personal or even corporate network, you should use social networks for business contacts. LinkedIn is the most popular social networking site for professionals. It allows you to post information about your professional life, making it easier to connect with people in your industry. A professional profile on LinkedIn can help you make more business contacts and accelerate professional growth.

The same goes for companies. They should definitely create and maintain company profiles on both social networks for business contacts.

There are also other niche networks like Doximity for medical professionals or German-speaking networks like Xing, or high school teacher professionals like Edutopia.

Professional Social Media

Social media etiquette for business professionals

First, let’s take a quick look at LinkedIn’s etiquette. It’s very simple: always appear and act professionally. This applies to completing your profile, sharing posts, and interacting with other business contacts and companies.

A Guide to Using Marketing and Promotion Tools

LinkedIn and even German-speaking Xing marketing and promotion tools are designed for professionals and executives who want to promote their professional network and business. These tools are powerful, but it’s up to the user to use them properly. LinkedIn, for example, has unique promotional capabilities like lead generation funnel building or account-based marketing efforts that no other platform can provide.

Here is a list of LinkedIn marketing and promotion tools that can help you promote your professional network and business:

  • LinkedIn Company Page: make sure you post new content regularly so your followers can be notified of updates through their news feeds.
  • Advertising: Unique audience activation. However, prices are significantly higher than other social networks like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Influencer marketing: If you are targeting a specific audience, influencer marketing is a possible way to go.
  • LinkedIn SSI: The Social Selling Index helps you to improve your LinkedIn online presence.

How to Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Beyond solely professional networks like LinkedIn or niche communities of practice, there are many common social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  But not all of them are right for you. So, the first step is to know what kind of business you have and which social media network would work for it.

For instance, if your business is one that doesn’t require a lot of sales or customer support, then Facebook is a good option.

Twitter is a good option for businesses that have a lot of customers or need to be constantly interacting with their followers and other customers.

On top, those networks can be great for building your own personal brand and sharing resources with your professional network – even on non-professional (per se) platforms.

How to Use Facebook Effectively to grow professionally

You can use Facebook as a tool for personal branding and find professional development opportunities. It is a good place to network with other professionals and share your skills and ideas. You should have a website or profile that presents your skills and abilities.

Additionally, Facebook has many networking groups to find new contacts, share ideas, and discuss about topics.

For companies, it’s great to show their customer-facing profile and interact with people directly in public or private.

How to Use Twitter Effectively for professional growth

When it comes to social media, Twitter is one of the most potent platforms. It has the right mix of features that make it perfect for getting your message across.

Twitter is not just a place for you to share your thoughts and opinions. It is also a tool that you can use to grow your business or influence others.

Live-Tweeting about current events can expose you or your business to a wide audience in real time. Because of the short lifetime of any given Tweet it’s also considered best practice to post frequently and even repost existing content. This can give your articles, videos, or ideas a second lifetime with ease.

Growing a professional profile on Instagram

Instagrams medium are photos and videos. Videos are usually short and straight to the point. The goal is to be concise with your messaging. Instagram also requires to be active constantly to see long-term success.

It continues to be the fastest-growing social media platform. And this is not just because of how many people are using it, but also because of how different demographics use it. For example, it is the most popular social media platform among millennials.

Instagram is also great to show your audience another, personal side of your business. Funny Instagram hashtags can be used to grow your audience and build a relationship beyond professional learning about your offerings.

The most important reason why businesses should be on social media is that there are potential customers waiting for them to connect with them on these platforms.

This means they have a huge opportunity for marketing their business and increasing their customer base by being active on social media, regardless if this is LinkedIn, Facebook, or Doximity.